Alterman uses various state of the art tools to identify electrical problems such as overheating, vibrations, loose connections, faulty insulation and high voltage anomalies. We provide detailed reports of potential failures and innovative solutions to address our clients' needs and prevent business interruptions.


Using infrared thermography, Alterman measures the temperature of electrical equipment to detect overheating before failures occur. Our thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared radiation and report accurate temperature measurements.


Ultrasonic testing equipment is used to identify vibrations and loose connections that cause leaks and electrical discharges. Cable resistance testing is performed to detect the integrity of cable insulation for heavy-duty applications on systems such as high-voltage transformers, motors, switchgear and cables.


With a Power Quality Analysis, Alterman provides a complete report on the power consumption and any inefficiencies of your electrical system. Using a Power Meter & Recorder, we detect the total harmonic distortion of electrical current and voltage caused by computers and other non-linear load equipment, identify high voltage anomalies including spikes, brownouts, and sags in power, and record fluctuations in your power usage.



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San Antonio Location:

14703 Jones Maltsberger
San Antonio, TX 78247
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F: 210-496-7349

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Austin Location:

10100 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78753
O: 512-836-3950
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